Stockton Alumni Visit Hanford

New Jersey to HanfordI attended the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. After years of working for non-profits and attending law school, I finally made my way to the west coast. I have been working with Hanford Challenge since April of 2013 and have learned a great deal about the history and issues surrounding the Hanford nuclear waste site – many of which were relatively unknown to me beforehand.

The thing is, on the east coast, the news of Hanford is not as prevalent. “Out of sight, out of mind.” “Not in my backyard.” Whatever you want to call it, I was only vaguely aware of the history of the site and knew very little of its current state. That’s why when I was presented with an opportunity to meet with students from my alma mater I immediately agreed.

A group of students would be traveling the west coast learning about environmental cleanups, alternative energy programs, sustainability projects and more. One stop was going to be Hanford. I met them at the Department of Ecology where they watched a video and presentation from Ecology staff. I then gave my remarks on Hanford Challenge, our role in the cleanup efforts and my personal journey from New Jersey to Washington and how Stockton really helped shape my focus and environmental stewardship.

It was a great experience getting to make a new connection with younger students, particularly ones who are so far geographically removed from the site. They had a lot of questions and I believe they learned a great deal about large scale environmental cleanups.

by: Kathryn Sain

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