Where is the 300 area again?

phoenix map
Do you, like me, often feel that your efforts to memorize the many facilities and their respective purposes at Hanford are in vain? I often have moments of frustration when I find myself looking up “100 area” or “ERDF” for the 30th time.

Fortunately for Hanford newbies like myself, there are some great resources out there for frequent referencing on Hanford issues. The Department of Energy’s official Hanford website has what amounts to a dictionary of all the Hanford facilities that I find myself revisiting again and again. If you want to check that link out, it is available here.

Another awesome resource is Phoenix, the PNNL Hanford Online Environmental Information eXchange, which was created and is maintained by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Phoenix is an interactive map of the Hanford Site. You can click to add a number of layers to the map, including plumes, facilities, and tanks. Cross-reference the Phoenix site maps with Hanford.gov facility descriptions and you have a veritable wealth of information for the aspiring Hanford nerd!

If you have found great Hanford resources for quick referencing, post them in the comments!

by: Emily Bays

One thought on “Where is the 300 area again?

  1. I have found the Hanford “Abbreviations and Acronyms” site helpful on multiple occasions (www.hanford.gov/c.cfm/tools/acronym.cfm?letter=A). Look up things like HPT, PER, RWP, Z-LCF-L, HAMIS, etc. Very helpful for the Hanford nerd!

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