Ice Cream, Pictures, Being Outside

Hanford Ice Cream SocialSince August of 2012 we have been bringing a survey to events asking about public involvement at Hanford.  The results are in from 162 participants who have taken the survey.

At the Hanford Advisory Board’s Public Involvement Committee meeting on June 5th, we had a show-and-tell with various survey results.  The Tri-Party Agencies shared their preliminary findings from the 93 surveys they collected from April 1-30, 2013; Hanford Challenge shared results from 162 surveys collected from August 2012-May 2013; and an intern from Heart of America Northwest shared results from a survey HOANW administered in 2011.

At the next Public Involvement Committee meeting in September of 2013, we will be working to come up with four questions that everyone who is conducting surveys can agree to put on their surveys to reach more people, and have a bigger pool of data.  If you have any ideas about what those questions should be weigh in as a comment to this post or send an email to me at

You can view our results here in two formats.  The text version contains the complete responses that participants wrote in.  The graph version contains a summary of results.

We are looking at ways we can incorporate feedback from participants.  Hanford Challenge is planning to continue hosting fun, interactive events to get the word out about Hanford issues, primarily send information via email, let folks know how they can send in comments about cleanup decisions via email, vary where we hold meetings as proximity to location was the biggest factor for people choosing to attend an event, and look at ways we can increase our usage of video to share information as that was a popular format with our survey participants.

We are working to answer all of the questions people asked at the end of the survey and will post the answers on our website when they are finalized.

We plan on continuing to gather input, so if you haven’t taken the survey yet, you can take it online here and weigh in about how you want to be involved with the cleanup of the Hanford Site.

By: Liz Mattson

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