A Win!

Since our last post about the proposed changes to the HAB, we have some good news.  DOE announced that the plan to impose term-limits on the Hanford Advisory Board’s public-at-large and non-union non-management seats is off!  This is pretty exciting.

DOE proposed the term-limits as a way to increase age, gender, ethnic, and racial diversity on the Board.  The Board made a strong case that term-limits would not result in increasing diversity on the Board and countered with an offer to work collaboratively with DOE on plans to increase the Board’s diversity without compromising its integrity.  DOE’s response wasn’t no term limits ever, it was no term limits for this year.   So there is still work to do.  But this buys the Board some time to help shape any changes coming its way.  Hopefully by ensuring that all changes to the Board process and structure make it more effective, not less effective, it will be able to keep up the good work of providing policy level advice on Hanford cleanup.  Check out the Tri-City Herald article here.

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