Nuclear Northwest

In late September around 25 long-time activists from nuclear weapons sites around the country came together in Seattle to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability.  As part of the festivities Hanford Challenge organized a “Nuclear Northwest” panel discussion on Thursday night.  If you missed it you can still join in the fun! Check out the video here.

The evening started out with Leonard Eiger from Puget Sound Nuclear Weapon Free Zone talking about how nuclear disarmament begins at home.  His work focuses on abolishing nuclear weapons, bringing awareness to the Bangor Naval Base and Trident Submarine Base which are both on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington.  Tom Carpenter from Hanford Challenge spoke about whistleblowers and the Waste Treatment Plant.   Russell Jim from the Yakama Nation spoke about the Yakama’s history with the land and with the Hanford site, in this letter written for the occasion. Chuck Johnson from Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility addressed the Columbia Generating Station, Washington’s only operating nuclear power reactor, located on leased land on the Hanford Site.  Liz Mattson from Hanford Challenge finished up the night by sharing ideas about what has been working for Inheriting Hanford to get more young people involved.  Hanford is not the only site with an aging crew of knowledgeable folks who need to start sharing what they know with the next generation.

By: Liz Mattson

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