Lantern Ceremony

Communities across the country host events to commemorate the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.  For the last fifteen years, the annual Greenlake Lantern Ceremony honors the victims of those bombings and gives the general Seattle community an opportunity to reflect and remember.  This year, August 6th marked the night of remembrance.  Tom Carpenter was invited to give a keynote speech about Hanford and Fukushima.  The diverse program of performers and activities attracted a crowd of nearly 400 throughout the evening.  In addition to the endorsement and support of a variety of community partners, members of the Fellowship for Reconciliation organized the successful event.

The closing lantern ceremony embodied the tone of the entire evening, peaceful and reflective.  Imam Jamal Rahman from Interfaith Community Church began with a blessing; Taiko drummers gave an energetic performance; Red Eagle Soaring Native Youth Theatre shared their tremendous talent and perspective; and Tom brought it close to home, reminding the crowd that our nuclear legacy is not behind us, we are still living it.

People really enjoyed hearing a message that helped bring everyone back on point.  At Hanford we are engaged in one of the most complex and long-term cleanups on the planet.  It is in Washington State’s backyard and most people don’t even know it is there.

By: Jesse Gritton

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