Family Style

Family take many different forms, biological, adopted, friends, and community.  There is definitely a sense that I, one of many Hanford obsessed folks am a part of a special family with its own jokes, and reference points, and language.  There aren’t many crowds where the acronym NRDWL makes people crack up.  Get it, nerd-wall? (It really stands for Non-radioactive Dangerous Waste Landfill).  It is that sense of belonging that Inheriting Hanford is all about, getting into Hanford family style.  To be sure, committing to this issue gets you into a fascinating and quirky world.

On Thursday April 12th, following a raucous round of the Hanford noun game a crew of Inheriting Hanford folks and some of their family members broke bread at an Italian Restaurant in Kennewick.  This particular restaurant serves family style.  You get your big basket of bread, salad, and pasta dishes.  It was fun and delicious.  There was the one-upmanship of who has the craziest story, which produced many astonished faces and outbursts like; “No way?! He splashed tank waste on his face?!”  Family style.  Good for dinner, good for Hanford.

By: Liz Mattson

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