The Noun Game

After the Hanford Advisory Board meeting in Kennewick a crew of us got together to grab some food and drinks and play a game I like to call the Hanford Noun game.  Everyone gets slips of paper. On each piece they write a different noun related to Hanford.  These all get folded up and go in a bowl.  The first round each person has a minute to get the group to guess the word without using the word, then the bowl gets passed around until all the words are out.  The words go back in the bowl for round two where you only get one word and gestures to get people to guess the word, then round three is only gestures and if you have a big piece of paper or dry erase board, pictures.  You can play this with any words if you want but the Hanford version is hilarious.  Where else do you have a group that can guess Z-Cribs and the vadose zone.  The specialized vocabulary we gain from staying involved really pays off here.  It can be hard to get a group started with this but don’t give up, people get really into it, trust me.

By: Liz Mattson

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